Fetuses found in a dumpster...

Every time I think mankind can't get anymore deviant I hear of another atrocity. An ABC affiliate ran a story about a Pro-Life group finding aborted fetuses tagged with the mother's name and the date of the abortion in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic.

I cannot imagine the pain those babies felt, nor the pain of the mother's after the abortion. I can only cringe in horror at what that group found inside garbage bags inside the dumpster. It reminds me of the Holocaust. Blatant disregard for life is bad enough, and God says punishable by death. But to toss those little bodies in the trash can and then in the dumpster is coldness to the nth degree. Although, I shouldn't be surprised or shocked because its abortion and the abortion thought process is that it is merely tissue and a parasite within the mother's womb.

If that is truly the case, then why do so many women have such terrible feelings of loss after an abortion? Why do they have groups now that gather together to support one another, name their baby and let balloons go with their baby's name attached? 

I know those aborted babies will be in heaven, just like those babies in ancient times that were offered to Molech, as the Bible says "caused to pass through the fire." In other words those infants were placed in the stone or metal hands that were close to a burning furnace and were roasted to death, an offering to a demon.

This is just another symptom of the End Times. The love of man has gone cold, yet while there is life there is still hope. I do not know how much longer God will hold His wrath in check, but I'm praying it won't be much longer. I'm praying that those women who have had an abortion will find peace within their souls and will speak out on the issue. I'm praying for our soldiers being forced into something they never wanted. Mostly, I'm praying for our country that God will have mercy on us.
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