TV Weatherman lost his job because of his faith

This experienced (21 years of it) weatherman, Jon Cash,  is an evangelist during his off hours at the station. Because of that, he was fired.
Imagine that… being fired for professing Jesus as LORD and caring enough about the Lost that you share Jesus regularly. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Absolutely. No qualifiers or quantifiers, it is our commission given by Jesus. He also said that we will be persecuted because of Him. That means no rose garden, folks.
Cash has reluctantly filed a law suit, not for himself particularly, “…but to vindicate our God-given right to worship as defined in the Constitution and federal law.”
But the station manager said if Cash was a full time evangelist, it was “bad for business”. So is it about worship? No. Is it about off hours time consumption? How could it be since he wasn’t taking time away from his duties at the station. Is it an image thing? Ah. Maybe that is the culprit. But, I believe what it actually boils down to is money. If what the station manager said about being an evangelist is bad for business, then it is all about money.
Since the morning show was the area’s top rated show, then how could it be about money?
I say good luck to him with the law suit. When I was fired because of my Christian beliefs, (actually said in a letter!), I realized it wasn’t my beliefs. Those were just an excuse. What it was really about was I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do, and those whose Lord was not God were offended by my obedience to Him. And they were exceedingly jealous. I have lost three jobs because of my beliefs. Two of those said it out loud, and another used another excuse.
Here is the harsh reality, Christians. When we obey God, there are stormy seas ahead. He equips us with all the stormy weather gear, but it won’t do a bit of good if we don’t put it on. God will always provide for His children, and He will always provide for His will to be done. Rest in that and happy sailing. Always remember that we are ships with full sails—sails full with the Holy Spirit Wind, and the rudder of God’s Word.
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