Another sex-filled "family" show on ABC Family Channel

I quit watching ABC "Family" Channel a long time ago because of the way it made my stomach roil in protest at the so-called family shows. Some of them looked like they would be really good, but alas not so! It makes me glad that we have TV shows rated now, that is a least a little warning.

I received this email from One Million Moms today... Thought I'd share with you...

Another Adult Sitcom Introduced to ABC Family

June 27, 2014

Warning to parents! ABC Family Channel has introduced yet another sex laden adult sitcom. The "Young & Hungry" premiere aired Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. CT and, with a 14 DLS rating, is not suitable for young viewers. The show is airing at a time when children are likely watching. Not only is the program broadcast during primetime, but it will attract a young audience with the title and with the main character being played by the same actress who played the best friend of Disney's "Hannah Montana."
The show includes sexual references, innuendos, foul language, homosexual attraction, one night stands and excessive alcohol consumption. Specific examples of content aired during the new thirty-minute family channel sitcom are below.
  • Main character, a young personal chef, gets drunk and sleeps with her new boss after the boss's girlfriend breaks up with him
  • Discussions about sex preferences and experiences during majority of the episode
  • Boss and girlfriend both admit to sleeping with someone else the night before
  • Boss and girlfriend make up and sleep together
  • Girlfriend is mentally unstable and extremely selfish, with bizarre behavior and unhealthy relationships
  • Crude humor about utensils used during an OBGYN visit
This program is obscene for any network but especially for a family channel. This show is indecent and offensive and needs to be removed from television immediately. "Young & Hungry" is a kiddy version of the lewd show "Two and a Half Men."
Take Action
Please send an email letter to the sponsors of this week's "Young & Hungry." This week's sponsors were: Yoplait (General Mills), Dove (Unilever), Purina (Nestle), Marshalls (TJX Company) and Diet Coke.
Urge advertisers to place it on their "do not advertise" list in protest of pushing sin directly into America's living rooms.

Monica Cole, Director

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