Frustration is no excuse

I was appalled at one story in the news about a mother who was frustrated during an argument with her son and banished him from the car to walk home along Interstate 45... at 8:30 pm... in the dark... along one of the busiest highways in Houston... as punishment. They were arguing, she was angry, she made him get out of the car. Did I mention the boy is 10 years old?

Anger is a destroyer of reason and peace.

Kentucky high school athletics have nixed hand shakes between players at the end of games because of scuffles and outright fights that have occurred.

Anger separates.

I have struggled with managing anger especially in my younger years dealing with an alcoholic husband, and much later when that menopause monster raised it's ugly head. Emotions play havoc in our heads and that can cause severe vitriol to spew forth from our mouths. I see this becoming a severe problem in our society.

Question for the day: What types of anger have you seen? How have you dealt with it?
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