Just a closer walk

Dr. David Jeremiah said something in one of his sermons that actually rattled around in my brain and settled there like an elephant in a small room. I can't tell you the exact quote but he said something like this, "When you sing the song 'I Surrender All' don't lie. God knows your heart and He knows when you lie."


Sometimes we get so caught up in daily living that we forget our heavenly Father is watching us plus a whole crowd of witnesses. There are lots of things that I am deeply ashamed that a whole crowd of witnesses watched me do. Granted, at the time I didn't even know about these witnesses.

Heb 12:1 For this reason, as we are circled by so great a cloud of witnesses, putting off every weight, and the sin into which we come so readily, let us keep on running in the way which is marked out for us...

How startling for me to find that out one day on my daily forage into God's Word. It is bad enough that God is watching, but all those others, too? What was I? A sordid video rated R? It makes me shudder.

Now, however, I live a "Faithful" life as "A Child of the King," "Washed in the Blood." For "Greater Is He Who Is in Me." Hardly any excitement, definitely G-rated, no need to bleep or cut to show on the screen. And for movie goers, these days that would be a bad thing. But I can "Count [My] Blessings" because "He Hideth My Soul," and "He Keeps Me Singing."

When I sing "I Surrender All" and "Trust and Obey", I'm not lying. I really mean it because He took me "Just As I Am" blemishes, wrinkles and all. Because "I'd [really, really] Rather Have Jesus", the "Creator of the Universe." Because "The Whole World Is Singing" "The Way of the Cross Leads Home". And, because, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" "Because He Lives", and "Blessed Be the Name," of the "Blessed Redeemer". "Behold the Lamb" for He is "All That Thrills My Soul". So "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior," and, Father"Make Me a Blessing", for "Surely Goodness and Mercy" flows from the "Spirit of the Living God." I will "Stand up, Stand Up For Jesus" because I am "Standing on the Promises of God." "The Sunshine In My Soul" has "Set My Soul Afire;" it is "God Whose Purpose Is to Kindle.

"He Is Lord!" "Oh, How He Loves You And Me"! "Ye Must Be Born Again" and these "Wonderful Words of Life" will "Rescue the Perishing" and we will have "Victory In Jesus" all the days of our lives.

"How Great Thou Art."

Oh, how I love Jesus. Oh, how I love Jesus. "It Is Well With My Soul."
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