Upon Reflection

I have opened a new blog especially for my book reviews and the first chapter posts of FIRST. I noticed that all those reviews have been drowning the kind of posts that this blog was opened for. So...

I wish the 7 people that come here often would go check out the website that I designed for our Picayune Chamber of Commerce. It is not finished, but, I'm quite pleased with the front page. The other pages will take quite a bit of revamping. It is such a slow process. It is also rather frightening because I now know just enough to get me in really big trouble with HTML.

Another great thing is the John Adams (yes it's his real name) came in to see me today to talk about a real local internet TV station. I'm so excited about it I can hardly contain myself. So we'll have to get some sponsors and purchase the computer and camera so our local people can put their advertising with a continuous feed. I just love the idea.
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