Expelled No Intelligence Allowed

I am anxious to see this documentary that has caused such a stir. You would think that the atheists had come face to face with God the way everyone has been spitting about this movie with Ben Stein. I really like that man.

I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes which seems like a pretty cool site which aggragates thousands of movie reviews. Expelled is rated a 9% rotten tomato.

I also got an email from AFR in my inbox about it.

Have you heard of it, yet?

Answers in Genesis execs had an opportunity to see the film before it hit 1,000 U.S. movie screens on April 18. Their review said some really good things about it. I think I'd rather believe a Christian than an unbeliever.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has become controversial not only
because it exposes those academicians who persecute people who have a belief in
the appearance of “design” in nature, but also because the film is already
generating a negative reaction (including from some of the film’s subjects who
come off in a highly unflattering way, including famed atheist-scientist Richard

I'm thinking it just might be a very worthy view.
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