Prayer works

If I had ever had any doubts before, I'd be absolutely looney tunes to not believe now. I can't share with you what my thorn was, but through the prayers of my beloved friends and family, the thorn doesn't hurt so much right now. Life is grand.

Why is it always so dark before the dawn? I think it is because we couldn't appreciate how beautiful the dawn is with all its brilliance and all the colors and most especially the LIGHT, if it were not for the darkness.

Darkness is the absence of light... it is not the opposite of light. The tiny flame of a single candle completely defeats darkness. But without darkness, the candle's flame would not be so bright. Therefore, it takes the trials and the heartaches for us to understand how wonderful is joy, how pleasant is peace, how fabulous is faith, how glorious is love and how fantastic is our God in Heaven, the Light of our world Who is so bright we have no need for the sun or the moon. That is too large a thought to contemplate in such a short space of time as it took to write it.

Our God is an awesome God Who reigns from Heaven above. Our God is an awesome God.
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