What price Christmas?

If I did not have a strong heart, I know I would have had a heart attack just from the sheer cost of health insurance. I am not happy that I must pay for the malpratice insurance and the other high cost of doing business in the medical field.

It is actually gambling, don't you think? The purchase of health insurance is a bet that I will get sick and need it, and the insurance company is betting that I won't get sick and need it. The problem is... most insurances that are available in Mississippi for individuals is priced ridiculously high for "older" Mississippians. If I were but 3 years younger, the cost of my insurance monthly premium would be reduced by $100. But, I'm not, so I'll have to pay. And the premium is on top of any cost of going to the doctor. That makes me angry. Not only do I have to pay the insurance company a monthly premium, but I must also pay on top of that for my regular visits to the doctor up to my deductible. If I do not get sick enough to go to the hopsital, I may as well not even have insurance. It would be considerably cheaper.

Then, I hear all these retailers moaning and groaning over lack of sales this Christmas. I wanted to just reach through the TV screen and slap that finance reporter... $26 Billion--yes, ladies and gentlemen that is with a Big Fat B--is not a paltry sum that people have parted with this season, according to one report.

Here we have a classic example of greed and discontent. No one is satisfied. Even with gift cards floating around the populace with and estimated $28 Billion on them for future spending. How can that be something to groan about?

I cannot even fathom how much $1 Billion is. How can I contemplate $28Billion? How much is that?

Let's see, 1% of that is $280 million! That is almost enough to give $1 to each and every American (population 303,640,054,869). With $28 Billion, we could buy the Hilton Corporation.

$30 billion buries a football field under 120 feet of $1 bills laid side by side and end to end. That would be the same height of 20 6' tall men standing feet on heads. So what's a paltry $2 Billion?

Well 2 Billion seconds last for 67 years.

And all this means nothing to retailers? Bah Humbug!

We can't even compare how much God gave us when He sent His Son Who became fully and completely human in every physical sense. How can the cost be counted?

I cannot imagine what it would be like to see my child hanging from a cross so that I could live. Somehow, that stupid tie, or that broken picture frame loses any sense of importance.

Gold will lose its luster and diamonds will disintegrate, but I shall be sitting at my Savior's feet. One day we'll be celebrating eternally with all our loved ones. How can that price be counted?

I dare not contemplate that. The cost was so high, yet willingly paid. The bride price was given with no thought to the shame, but to the joy beyond the cross. Glory.
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