Oprah says "Sorry" with tongue in cheek

Oprah Winfrey opens her mouth and accuses a sales clerk of racism in Switzerland. Oprah has billions of dollars and the sales clerk works hard everyday to make ends meet. What is wrong with this picture?

As I understand the story from several different sources (just Google it and you see hundreds), Oprah wanted a purse to match her outfit she was wearing to Tina Turner's wedding. She walks into this boutique and browses some black leather purses then eyes one that up high on a shelf reportedly worth $38,000. Oprah said the sales girl refused to show her the purse because of the color of her skin, that she certainly could not afford such an expensive purse.

Does the word prideful come to mind here?

How about spendthrift?

What woman in her right mind would pay $38,000 for a purse unless she wanted to show off how much money she had anyway?

Oprah puts a finger to her cheek and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I purposely did not give the name of the boutique. I'm sorry I even said Switzerland."

Give me a break. Just where was Tina Turner getting married anyway? Let me guess. Switzerland?

Does anyone actually believe that Oprah did not know the media frenzy that would take place because she accused a poor working girl of racism?

I am more ashamed for Oprah than ever before. I'm also ashamed so many people wait with baited breath for her every word. Here is some advice for those folks...

Pick up a Bible! Start caring more about what God thinks of you than what Oprah says. You'll have a much firmer foundation.
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