What do you consider stealing?

For that matter, what is lying and are we allowed to do it in certain circumstances?

Rahab told a couple of lies to the Jericho police who were searching for the two men who were spying out the land by order of Joshua. James says she was justified by her works for the men of Israel (James 2:25). One could make the argument that lying is a lack of faith, but James and the author of Hebrews clearly state Rahab acted on faith.

We could split hairs here and say that the command in the ten commandments is "thou shalt not bear false witness". However, God says that lying lips are an abomination in His sight. So is lying relative?

What about stealing? I have been having problems with security on my computer. It seems to be too secure. I can't copy/paste something from another website to blog about it. The "accelerator" doesn't accelerate. Was that God "saving me from sin" by blocking my ability to "steal" something from another website?

I remember sitting in church one Sunday with worship on my mind. Bro. Kriss is preaching on the 10 commandments and we got to "You shall not steal".

You know, I really thought I was an honest person until Sunday's sermon.

Yes. I have taken pens and notepads and calendars from work to use at home. Oh, not like slipping a handful into my pocket, or anything like that. I just stick it behind my ear or in my notepad and think nothing about returning it to work. I've taken calendars for organization. I've used work internet for writing blog entries.

There are so many ways we rationalize and justify the things we do that maybe aren't entirely wrong but are still on the shady side of right. Okay, so I did put in a huge amount of overtime with no comp time or salary upgrade. That still doesn't make it right, does it?

Just when you get to thinking you've got a handle on living Christ-like, along comes God and pretty much slaps you on the wrist to say: "You aren't there, yet. Keep working. Keep striving. You are still under construction."

That, my siblings, is very humbling. It isn't painful, but crow doesn't taste very good no matter how well it's served.

What do you consider is stealing? Lying? Are there gray areas?
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