NPR Execs have foot in mouth disease

The conservative activist James O'Keefe posted a video of National Public Radio's president of fundraising, Ron Schiller, saying nasty things about conservatives and the Tea Party. Evidently, he has a major problem with foot in mouth disease because he said members of the Tea Party are racists. Then he retracted that statement, issued an apology and said that wasn't his own personal belief.

This is  nauseating because it only stereotypes sales people as liars and our verbiage is only that of what you want to hear. Poppycock! I'm disgusted with Schiller's statements and his actions. It doesn't matter that he had already resigned from his position. He met with two activists posting as members of a Muslim group for purposes of raising $5 million for NPR which they had offered. 

What was he doing meeting with them when he had already resigned?

This is a clear example of honesty being the best policy always. Handling oneself within the highest of ethical standards is the best cure for foot in mouth disease.
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