Obama's heart or agenda?

I am greatly concerned over the stand our pres has taken in Libya. I am forthrightly delighted Congress is hesitating to arm the rebels there because we just do not know who they are. We hear what they are saying every evening, but are they speaking truth or just what the Americans want to hear?

News reporters spoke with Egyptians who hated America along with other Arabs in the other countries (there are so many it is hard to keep up) where the civil unrest has made news since January. In Tunisia, where it seems it all began, the folks there were organized enough to set up food lines to feed the rebels and refugees from Libya. Their focus was just humanitarian, but it was very well organized, almost too organized.

So, why did Obama publicly declare the date we would be pulling our troops from Iraq?

Why did Obama turn a blind eye to murder and torture of peaceful Iranian protesters who wanted fair elections in 2009? Why did Obama ignore the molestation of an American reporter in Egypt?

Now the Muslim Brotherhood is ruling Egypt. How is that good for the U.S.?

I watched Obama postulate on March 28 about how some countries could sit by and watch innocents be maimed and tortured (not exactly his words), but America is different. What is see is the U.S. President putting our brave soldiers in harm's way for something that has no vested interest in U.S. security or welfare.

This has set a pattern for the democrats, Bill Clinton embroiled us in a war/police action in the Balkans because Milosevic was committing genocide and ethnic cleansing. That had no harm to the U.S. whatsoever. Yet, when Stalin and Lenin were doing the same, the U.S. sat by and watched because the U.S. does not have an interest in regime change... However, those very words came out of Obama's mouth Monday night.

Here is the crux. We have already spent $1 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan which have proven to be grounds of terrorist activities and terrorists are actively moving against the U.S. and have attacked us on our soil. There is money well spent, I believe, especially when I know my grandchildren (when I have some) will be able to sleep safely in their beds at night.

I can plainly see, even though I'm not privy to diplomatic cables or military secrets, there is an agenda to pave the path toward less moderate regimes led by Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab nations. We have seen a river of passion pouring across these Muslim nations with an organization unprecedented, but to what end?

Let's not forget that these leaders who are ousted and being ousted have had good relations with the U.S. as well as being somewhat calm when faced with Israel. The hate that is bubbling under the surface of this unrest has a heat source which is America and Israel. In order for the Anti-Christ to rise to power in a bloodless coup, these Arab nations must be united and the best way for multiple countries to unite is to have a single enemy.

What is happening now is pivotal.
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