DEMS file complaint against Gov. Scott Walker

Remember that phone call from a blogger posing as campaign contributor David Koch? Oh, yeah, that was really funny... Almost as funny as filing so many bogus ethics complaints against Sarah Palin she stepped down from the governorship of Alaska so the tax payers of Alaska would not have the foot the millions of dollars of legal fees for ethics investigations. Before she left office those fees totaled more than $2 million which she states in her book "Going Rogue". I reviewed it here.

This is proof that what Sarah Palin went through is the kind of thing that ALL Republicans will go through when they stand up for what is right and good in this nation. It is a wicked and dishonest trick to weigh down the Republican governor to waste tax payer dollars that Wisconsin doesn't have. How stupid is that?

These tricksters do not care that we must pay our bills and we must live within our means but these Demo-rats think and act otherwise.

This is another campaign designed to blow smoke in the eyes of the general public and to create the look of a fire when there is nothing there. It worked really well for them against Sarah Palin, so now they are trying the same tactic with Scott Walker. What happened to the promise of no wild rhetoric? 

Democrats and Socialists' thought process indicates a future economic collapse unless something drastically changes. When will The People realize that? How long will it take the teachers, police, firefighters and government workers to understand THERE IS NO MONEY to pay their collective bargained salaries?

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