Blessed by Kelly Beaver, 2001


My soul shines bright
With Jesus' light
As He gently guides me through
A life of trials
and joys and smiles
and things that I must do.

He found me mired,
Distraught and tired,
'Midst the rushing tide of sin;
He reached out and
He grabbed my hand
And pulled me out again.

He'd not condemn
me of my sin
But offered me His grace;
He'd died for me
at Calvary
With love, He took my place.

My heart now sings,
my soul has wings
my mind and spirit glow
My life is blessed --
Who would have guessed
Such happiness I'd know?

and now...
He gives me voice
to pose the choice
to those who have not heard
The Good News of
His precious love
Spoke loud; without a word.

Kelly Beaver, 2001

I have not heard from Kelly in a very long time, we've lost touch over the years. How often that has happened to me. Sweet friends that I remember with such poignant fondness have large places in my heart and memory, but sadly I do not write or call. Praise God one day we will all be in Heaven, and after about the first million years of sitting at my Lord's feet, I'll look them all up and we'll catch up with hugs and smiles and I be able to tell them all how much I love them... how much they all have enriched my life.
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