Bank robber commits suicide

Desperate men do desperate things. This is just one example. The article I read got me to pondering deeply about why people do such things.

A man robbed a local bank (one that was close to the interstate) and fled the scene. The teller gave extremely accurate details of what he looked like and the car he drove away in. The police sped after him, a sheriff's deputy was somehow embroiled in the pursuit.

The robber was not familiar with the area because he tried to turn into Anchor Rd while still at high speed. That road is a horseshoe and comes out almost at the same place you turn in.) He lands in the ditch just as police and the Sheriff catch up to him. The man gets out of the car with gun in one hand and a wad of money in the other hand, and shoots himself in the head.

One has to marvel at the despair and lack of hope his actions of the morning dictate to the world. What drove him to rob a bank? The economy? Lack of job? Kids to feed? House to keep?

He wasn't very professional about the task. He parked where the whole bank full of people could see what he was driving. She got an excellent look at his face and clothes. He never flashed his gun around, he just told her he had a gun. But the saddest thing of all is that he was probably holding just enough money in his hand to solve the most pressing of his financial problems, yet he chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

We'll never know his motive. Most would assume that motive for robbing a bank was greed and laziness. But somehow, that doesn't ring true for this fellow. It is too late to pray for him, but I shall pray that his family will be able to forgive him for his selfish act of suicide and his misguided thinking that robbing a bank would solve any financial woes.
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