Healthcare summit

I watched part of that 7.5 hour healthcare summit yesterday. It made me want to reach through the TV screen and just slap some sense into Obama. His dictator attitude was in full force and I caught him in at least 2 lies. He out right accused the GOP of carelessness of the American public's previous condition welfare. That wasn't what the GOPs objected to, it was all the self-serving of the precious few that had them in an uproar.

This is what McCain pointed out to Obama's face. I thought Obama's ears would shoot blood! If we had some transparency while the bill was being discussed and put together, I do believe there would have been more outrage expressed across the country that what has been already.

Who cares if I have healthcare when I do not have a job? When I can't buy food or pay the mortgage or pay the light bill, no health insurance in the world can bring me back to life or give me back my home. The American people have told those guys in Washington over and over again: Arrange your priorities back in proper order. Take care of the economy and let's worry about healthcare when we (or at least most of us) have a job!
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