Something worse than no Christmas at the White House

Isn't it pitiful? We've hardly finished our Thanksgiving leftovers and already the grumbling about Christmas has begun. The NYTimes reported that the Obamas are not giving their kids Christmas presents, apparently Barack bragged about it to People Magazine last year. Well, what would anyone expect from a family that hasn't been to church since elected, who's alleged pastor is a vocal hate-monger. This isn't a surprise, but apparently it is to everyone else especially to the NYTimes which also reported the Obamas were planning on celebrating a non-religious Christmas oh, excuse me a non-religious Xmas.

What is astounding is that for the first time since we've had presidents in the White House, there wasn't going to be a Nativity scene on the front lawn. The Pres. caved to public opinion.You just can't please everyone these days, so why try? Why not just say, "Hey, everybody, I'm not a Christian. I don't celebrate the Holiday, so there." So what? Our Christian foundation is not cracking. The rest of the building may fall down, but the foundation is still firm for the moment. Every president in the position has worshiped within his own denomination, so what if the president we've elected is an atheist? We deserve it for electing him. I can see from the polls that his favor is falling at a drastic rate, in fact no president has fallen so fast in so short a time. Gee, I wonder why?

Leaving all that to the side... We have a much more sinister problem that has sprung. That is this horrendous Risky-Sex Czar- Kevin Jennings. This guy is so dangerous for our children. His promotions of books in the classrooms and school libraries with explicit sexual encounters between children and adults is nauseating. Almost all children who are raised at least half-way healthily have a built in aversion to being mauled sexually by adults. They know it is wrong but are powerless against it because adults are bigger, stronger and have a persuasiveness with their sugar-coated threats so that they can get away with it. It is making me sick to even write this. The point is, children know it is wrong but are being taught there is nothing wrong with it.

Tape recording from a youth (14 year olds) conference at Tufts University reveal some shockers.. oh, wait, it doesn't surprise me at all. Kevin Jennings was the executive director of the gay lesbian straight education network. I didn't click on the link to the tapes and the Washington Post article was quite graphic enough. I know they were uncomfortable. When I was 14 I wanted to crawl under the table when we were studying the human body in science class. Well, maybe I was a lot more naive back then than 14 year olds are today, but this happened back in 2000. Why didn't anyone know about this back then? Where was the outrage? Why didn't parents get all upset like my parents did when I told them what Tommy did on the university stage during the Rock Opera Tommy. It was gross to me then and it is appalling now.

Our government is reaching into our bedrooms and our children in a very unsafe way. I've written my outrage in a post on the UN's new education platform on teaching kids all aspects of life. I see a scary trend here. Are we going to remain so caught up in work that we ignore what our children are being taught?
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