Prophecies foretell Messiah

The virgin will conceive and bring forth a son and shall call his name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

I love this verse, but it still makes me wonder exactly when Mary called Jesus Immanuel. Was it Immanuel Joshua? Oh, wait the Hebrew language doesn't have the "J" sound.

Can you hear her at the back door calling for him "Immanuel Yeshua Ben Joseph, get in here right now. I have need of you. No... put down that bird, tell the deer and the antelope to go home and shush those children."

I cannot help but imagine how much everyone loved Jesus and how they smiled when He was near. He grew in stature with God and with men. I have to wonder why they wouldn't listen to Him when His ministry was in full swing and He whistle-stopped in Nazareth. He only performed a few miracles for their unbelief was great.

How can you live next door to the Messiah and not see that He was different? That the hand of God was upon Him?

But, I also wonder why some people keep there blinker on long after they decided not to change lanes or to turn...
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