Abel's Blood

For those of you who do not know, the church I used to belong to allowed a huge injustice by accepting a wrong done to our pastor. It seems as if I shall never get over this. The grief is unbearable because my pastor has done absolutely nothing Biblically wrong to warrant this forcing of his resignation.

The 5 people that are The Boss of this church piled up a bunch of half truths and out right fabrications to make a "case" against this lovely man of God.

I know beyond any doubt that when Christian disobey God, when they listen to Satan's whispers and begin to do Satan's work for him, that God will not stand for it. His is the vengence and the judgement. Judgement is coming to that church unless repentance comes first.

This feels like divorce only much worse because it involves so much cruelty towards God through His man, the Shepard charged with God's flock. The fact that a few have blinded the many is nothing new in this Spiritual war. But, it doesn't make it taste any better.

One thing that has helped me to get through this is Abel's blood.

To me, Abel's blood calling out to God reminds me that being a believer in God does not protect us from earthly harm... in fact, it brings it ever to the forefront and is a constant risk.

The world hates Jesus. Just as Cain hated Abel and struck him down because Cain saw the promise of Jesus in his brother and hated that all the more. The injustice of that cries out for God's vengeance. The fact that God did not immediately strike down Cain exemplifies God's forbearance and how He is even now with unbelievers, and even more so with believers.

God allows the natural human course (as coarse as that can get) to show believers several things...

1. His justice is mightier and better than anything we can think up for revenge.

2. Abel's righteous blood was spilled. When injustices exist, they scream to be put right. That is something that God gives us, this sense of balance to make things right and to correct injustices. That's the conscience, the fibers of the heart, that God has written His law upon.

3. It does not take Man pointing his finger at an injustice for God to notice that it has happened. He sees it immediately upon the happening of it... Just because God seemingly does nothing about it right away does not mean that Justice will not prevail... it just means that God is longsuffering and sees a much larger picture.

God gave me a verse for comfort...

I have called you my servant, have chosen you
And not cast you off: fear nothing, for I am with you;
be not afraid, for I am your God. I strengthen you,
I help you, I support you with my victorious right hand.
Isaiah 41:9b-10

Because He walked with bare feet, He knows the pain of my blisters.
Because He had no pillow, He knows the crick in my neck.

Because He knew hunger, He knows my craving for sweets.
Because He held a baby, He knows my love for my children.
Because He built a chair, He knows why I must sit down.
Because He stilled the sea, He knows the storms in my heart.
Because He wept, He knows my terrible grief.
Because He knows my grief, my tears roll down His fingers and my trembling chin is lifted by His palm. His eyes so full of love spread healing balm throughout my being and
Because He loves me, I am at rest.
Because He died for me, I can enter the throne room of God. Gina Burgess
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