What joy fills my soul

I'm looking at the calendar and was thinking that I had another 2 weeks until Christmas. So I'm not so worried about being behind on Christmas gifts. ARGH! Christmas is one week from today. Stress level hit the red zone.

All you can do is all you can do and that is a fact of physics. Only God can step in and make things happen so that time seems to stand still while you're running at top speed... you know, like the episode of StarTrek with the buzzing bee sounds. Life sped up to past light speed.

That is what happened on Sunday. We made an offer on a house and while we were waiting for our most darling real estate agent to call back to meet us at her office, we were wandering through some shops. My eyes just fell on some things and a name would pop in my head. I'll have you know that I got all my Christmas shopping done in less than two hours. That, my brothers and sisters is a miracle!

So... back to the offer on the house. We bounced some figures back and forth and being twice shy, I was all for offering lower than the asking price but more than the rock bottom our agent mentioned. Mom stuck to her guns and we offered the rock bottom giving them until 5 today. They accepted the offer without any negotiations. Is that cool or what???

We spent most of the afternoon signing pre-mortgage papers. There are some issues that my crook of an ex husband caused years ago that I thought were cleared up. It is so incredibly depressing that the black cloud keeps following me even 11 years later. I doubt I'll ever get out from under that cloud.

Anyhoot... the new job is just Jolly Good. I am in love with Picayune, MS. I highly recommend this place. It's close enough to big city without the big city crime and big city traffic. I love the people. I love the job. I adore the folks I work with. I've already been invited to two churches--that is truly a cool place to work when you have co-workers inviting you to church. I am thrilled and delighted. Mom loves the place, too.

We both cried the other day thinking about leaving our church home in Louisiana, but when the Lord sets you on a path, you just can't say no. I am just aching to get back into a church home. I feel the loss more than any other stress factor. I cannot imagine not having a church family. How do people do it? How do people live without a church family or a close fellowship with the Lord? I am so thankful that God is preparing a new home for us and He has already prepared His work for us to do. Praise God from whom all blessings flow... AMEN
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