Moving to Picayune

Mom and I went to Picayune on Friday afternoon. My last day at the Tensas Gazette was Friday morning. It is four hours from here to there and that is a long drive.

We prayed all last week that God would help us sell this house and find one to live in there. The house we're in now sat on the market for two years before Mom and Dad bought it. But, it is a great house and they put a lot of money into it so now Mom is asking only for what she put into it.

I put the sign "For Sale" up one evening after work. The next day a couple stopped by and asked to see it. They are pre-approved for more than what Mom is asking for the house. Fabulous! The only problem left was finding a place to live in Picayune in a good, stable neighborhood. We set appointments for Saturday and went to one on Friday night. We decided right off that we didn't want the Mardis Gras house. It was too isolated for Mom to be there by herself all day. That settled we face forward and with great excitement on Saturday.

We drove through devastated neighborhoods and ones that had been flooded by Katrina. Those were crossed off the list. Then we drove too far out again and then came back for our 2 o'clock. It was the last house on the list. Wouldn't you know? You guessed it. That's the house. We made an offer and we came home. We're in a waiting game now. She was asking way too much for the house considering what others in that neighborhood were selling for... so we offered a little more than the average and what we felt led to offer. Now, it's up to God.

It's it amazing and wonderful how God works to make things fit together perfectly? I pray all is well with the house and that she'll accept the offer and we don't have to negotiate. It would be so terrific to be in the house before Christmas!
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