A psalm by Gina after reflection upon Salvation of the Lord from the sin in her life…SHOUT OUT WITH PRAISE
Shout out with praise
To the LORD on His Throne!
Sing with me all the earth,
For He set me FREE.

Shackles have dropped from my hands
The chains no longer weigh down my feet.
I am FREE!

The darkness no longer hides fear and
The demons tremble at His name.
I am FREE!

My LORD has bent down to lift me up.
My God has put the chains and shackles on my foes.
But, I…I am FREE!

Kings treasure gold and rubies.
Men treasure muscles and brawn
Women treasure slim figures and fine linen.
Oh, but my LORD, my God created all the universe,
And His great treasure is my heart
And He set me FREE!

It was I that caused His pain.
It was I that held Him to that tree.
It was I that raced down that path of sin,
That pursued the earthly gain.
Yet, His love swelled greater than the ocean
And He counted the cost to set me FREE!

The babies’ breath is on His cheek…
My tears rolled down His fingers…
Yet the universe is too small for His shoulders.
He cared enough to set me FREE!

Shout ye people of the earth.
Sing hosannas to reach the stars.
Sing with me and praise His name for
He paid the price to set us FREE!
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