Something sadly wrong at Duke University

Political correctness gone amuck! So says Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church-Dallas
was interviewed today on Fox & Friends about this decision by Duke University to amplify and broadcast from the tower the Muslim call to prayer for three minutes each week.

Wait! I see red flags waving all over the place!

I think it is worse than that. This school was started by unashamed, unabashed Christians for Christian theological studies, and even now closely affiliated with the Methodist Church.

Now the officials of the school want to "accommodate trends in the national religious circles." Pooh! It is a complete lack of good judgment and sense. Satisfying trends is like trying to adopt all the goofy fashions that most designers try to faust off on unsuspecting and gullible people. There is a reason that the fashion world uses the word trends. It's a fad, it's a passing fancy. What's bought last year is out of date this year so one must go purchase what's trending this year. It's how people get people to buy into stupid stuff.

Political correctness is how the Muslim mosques rose in number from 11 to more than 1100 in England in a short decade. It is how there are now several No Go zones in Paris that are not safe at all for even policemen. It is how policemen in France were stripped of any kind of guns to protect themselves and law abiding citizens.

This inch-by-inch encroachment is subtle. Soon America will have Islamic No Go zones, we already have more than enough mosques. We are now on the precipice of a terrible, slippery slope. A good gust of wind will knock us over the edge. It may just been an amplified call to prayer to a demon god disguised as the Father of Lights. Beware America, beware!

Addendum: Late yesterday afternoon Duke University retracted their plan to amplify the call to prayer once a week. It seems they suddenly realized how insensitive it was to "celebrate" Muslim at the time France is reeling from the Islam terrorist attack.
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