Pot calling the kettle black

I'm doing something I rarely do here. I'm copying my column from Studylight.org here on my blog. I do that when I feel very strongly about something. Early in January something happened that illustrates Satan's tactics against biblical principles.

Prejudice vilifying prejudice is the same as the pot calling the kettle black.

A man, former fire chief of Atlanta Kelvin Cochran, was fired from his job. He's black. He's a Christian. He wrote a book. Which one of those things do you think prompted the mayor to fire him?

Here in Mississippi a person can be fired for absolutely no reason at all. I know because I experienced that. Only God knows what the real reason was. I think it was because I was perceived as a threat to the passage of the sale of alcohol within the city limits (our county is a dry county). I stood my ground. I was quoted in the newspaper. I know the Bible does not teach against alcohol consumption, only against the gluttonous misuse of it. I know you cannot regulate moral values. The discussion was deeply complicated, however my point is that because of my biblical convictions I stood in someone's way. A person who wanted alcohol sales within city limits happened to be in a position to get me fired, which he did. Or it could have been because he hated Jesus in me. Only God knows.

Cochran wrote a book about his Christian views on marriage, the biblical principles of marriage. The mayor claimed that his views caused rifts and hardships, and strained relations with practicing homosexuals within the city's fire department and city personnel.

Let me share some of Cochran's thoughts about it
This experience has taught me that there are worldly consequences for publicly standing for righteousness. But I stand before you to say that the kingdom consequences are far greater and more glorious than the worldly consequences.
 To that end, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters in Christ, let me emphasize that this event is not just about Kelvin J. Cochran. This event is to raise attention and awareness to every American that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are under attack. As Christians we have to fight the good fight of faith to preserve these cherished protections. We cannot allow our divisions by denomination, race, political party, or geography to continue to weaken the collective voice of the body of Christ. The power that works within us can and will make a difference. You can see that video here.
Openly homosexual, city councilman Alex Wan said, When you're a city employee, and [your] thoughts, beliefs and opinions are different from the city's, you have to check them at the door.

How ironic that Mr. Wan said personal beliefs and opinions should be checked at the door, but was quite vocal in his approval of the firing of the Chief for the perceived belief that the Chief was causing strife within the ranks! This is classic example of Satan's tactics. Using prejudice to vilify supposed intolerance while expecting tolerance.

I'm outraged, but not surprised. It's only going to get worse brothers and sisters. We are facing the beginnings of persecutions. But the persecution is against Jesus and those who love Him, not against the  false religions of the world. Satan knows his time is short and the Bible warns us that his anger fans to white hot fury against Christians of this world. He'll use any means he can to circumvent God's plan.

Take heart. God is never thwarted. He is the Creator of the universe. Consequences will happen when we hold firm to our biblical principles, and when we speak out against society's version of truth and sin, which are blatant lies of the Father of Lies. God always wins and always receives the glory. It is our purpose. We reflect that glory right back at God Himself.

Something crucial bubbles to the top here. How many of us would have ever known the name of the fire chief of Atlanta if he 1) was not a Christian, and 2) did not write a Christian worldview book on marriage, and 3) did not get fired?

God's purpose is clear here. He uses good things and things Satan intends for evil to promote His truths.

How can Christians do any differently that Kelvin Cochran?
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