Calling all Christian bloggers...

Hi All...

I am conducting a project for one of my Master's classes and need some input from you Christian bloggers. There is so little study going on in this respect and I think communication scholars would benefit from your answers. I will use this information for a paper that I hope will be published, however I need your answers now for my class paper.

Please take about 10 minutes to answer these questions and if you don't want to answer publicly, please email answers to me at glburgess at gmail dot com. Thank you so very, very much!

Blog Address:

Who are the "stakeholders" with regard to your blog? Who will be affected by what you post?

When making decisions about your blog, do any of the following values or duties cross your mind? If so, which? Can you rank them?

Minimizing Harm to Others
Free Expression
Factual Truth

Are there any values/duties you feel should be weighed in a discussion of Blogging?

Are there certain duties ALL bloggers should fulfill... all the time... in order to be "good" bloggers?

Are there certain things bloggers should NEVER do?

On a societal level, what role do blogs play?

Why did you decide to start a weblog? What did you want your blog to accomplish? Have you achieved that purpose yet?

Thank you for furthering God's glory in participating in this survey, because I do give it all to Him!

Engraved in His palm,
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