Ghost residuals?

After studying for hours all these different "reality" shows about hunting ghosts, a phenomenon reoccurs which these demon chasers call residual sightings.

What happens is they hear voices, footsteps, or gunshots as if the sounds and/or "ghosts" were recreating the history of the place. Gunshots on a battle field, cafeteria voices in a school, smells of perfume in a lady's bedroom. These sightings as well as the sounds and smells seem to have been preserved over centuries.

One celebrity told the tale of his new apartment's "ghosts". A man and a woman were fighting, another man came in and shot the man, then ran right through his bed out of the room. Not a dream, and very real to him. Since this scene played out over and over and over with no deviations what so ever, these images or visions were not sentient beings but more like a recording being replayed. The celebrity found out that his apartment was actually built on top of the roof of this old building and it had been the home base for gangsters during the late 20s and early 30s.

Since there are many sightings such as this, what should we make of it? If the things are reenacted violence, then what would be God's purpose in allowing people to see these visions of past events? Are demons involved, or is it just history? What do you think?
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