Bradley Manning's "awkard moment"

Ann Coulter has a diatribe about Bradley Manning and the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" uproar. In my opinion, it is a lot harsh against homosexuals who, I believe are misguided and deceived by Satan. They will defend their lifestyle and will shove it in everyone's faces because they want us to accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle.

While reading the comments to this, there were some good arguments, but also some things were brought up that I do not feel edified for reading. I do not understand why people cannot seem to understand that homosexuality is a perversion. But, no matter what, if there were none but homosexuals on the earth, God would have still sent His Son to die for them.

As I grow older, I understand better the premise of loving the sinner, but hating the sin. I'm still trying to learn the differences between those who are wicked and  God has given up to themselves, and those who act wickedly but whom God sees hope for. That is a toughy.
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