Nikki Haley is she really Christian--political whisper campaign

Here we go again... political whisper campaigns are nothing more than magnified gossip. Nikki Haley is an American Indian and converted when she was 24. She, her husband and her children go to a Methodist church in South Carolina, but people who support her opponent (including two pastors) are questioning her faith. Their main proof is her website which changed "God Almighty" to "Christ" where she talks about her faith.

Oh bother!

I am not surprised. These kinds of tactics were used blatantly on Sarah Palin. Things which were not at all true, but were twisted from some obscure facts. I would like to remind every Christian out there that Paul used every means he could to reach the lost. He said that he became a Jew for the Jews and a Gentile for the Gentiles.

I would also like to remind everyone out there that right after God said to honor Himself and the Sabbath, He said to Honor thy father and mother. These political saboteurs say, "she described her marriage in a Methodist church but did not mention that she and her husband also participated in a Sikh wedding ceremony, and that she continues to attend Sikh services with her family a few times a year." This is supposed to mean what exactly? She isn't Christian? Give me a break.

I am disgusted with the political shenanigans that are being foisted upon the American voters. I seriously doubt there is anything ethical or valuable in anything any of the campaigns have to say about their opponents.

It is the same gossip. We hear some juicy tidbit and can't wait to call a friend to ask for prayer for so-and-so because... oh, haven't you heard? Well, the way I heard it was...No wonder our churches are emptying. If we treat our siblings in such a way, who would ever want to worship with us?
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