Ex-gays get dissed by Disney

For the longest time I have known that the "tolerant" people are not really tolerant, only belligerent about their agendas. As long as we agree with them and accept them, then we're okay. But, when we diverge from the path, oh my! What a tangled web is uncovered when we open our eyes to truth.

Now we have one of the most militant in promoting homosexual "rights" saying that ex-homosexuals do not have any rights within their company.

Disney did not add ex-gays to the non-discrimination list of people who are not to be discriminated against. Of course this is a very serious matter because it is truly crucial to understand there are thousands who make a conscious decision to turn from their homosexual lifestyle. But, "they" [being that group of people whose opinion matters somehow even though they only make up about 4% of the population] don't want that statistic widely known, for how could anyone possibly turn away from such a "normal" lifestyle as homosexuality? [Please note the tongue in cheek!]

I am thinking, why do we even need a list for non-discrimination? Should we have a list for discrimination? It would most likely be shorter, or should be at any rate.

Then again... Why isn't Micky Mouse and Mini Mouse discriminated against? They never got married, did they? I don't recall... but, it should go down as the two individuals who could never commit.
Shouldn't Goofy be on the non-discrimination list? After all, he is one sandwich short of a picnic...
Donald Duck can't pronounce all his words correctly. He's got to be on there somewhere...
Pluto! With a name like that, how can he be normal?

It just doesn't seem right some how.
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