Lose weight
Read my Bible more
Walk more
Be kinder to my family

Why do my new year's resolutions always seem to be the same year after year?

Would it be because I keep trying to do these things all myself without the input of the Lord God Almighty?

Most likely. Last year I didn't make any resolutions. I was too busy with a new job and getting to know a most wonderful and charming new city, and all these lovely people.

What is the point of resolutions? To make oneself a better person, right? Then why don't we work on ourselves all through the year rather than waiting until January 1 to turn over that new leaf?

I think it is because we have this anticipation period... or this gearing up period which we need in order to change a habit. This resolve period is crucial for us to build up the resolve to make that decision to get on that jag to change a habit we consider deplorable.

Benjamin Franklin decided to work on one bad habit at a time for 30 days each. What he found out was that as soon as he had conquored one habit, several more cropped up. He found out it was an exhaustive endeavor.

This is why I will bring everything to God's altar. I cannot do it by myself. I don't even plan on trying.

Instead, we will go to the Beth Moore bible study we're beginning this weekend at church. we will curtail my eating to only the times that I am actually hungry. We will drink more water. We may even look for some sort of appetite suppressor. We will park farther away from the place We want to go, even walking downtown perhaps to the post office, wouldn't that be a great daily exercise trip?

I know I can't do this alone, therefore God and I will be in this together. We'll discuss it at great length while driving to work, or walking to the post office, or just before dinner. Putting it all in God's hands may sound like a cliche' or even easy. It isn't.

I must leave it and never pick it up again... for a Fixer, that is very difficult to do.

So, here, Lord, take it and plant it in this willing vessel, water it, and make it bear fruit. This cracked pot will then be good for something in Your hands.
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