Blast from the past

I was up to my elbows in alligators... uh, computer guy was working on our computers at work and I get a phone call from the Tensas Gazette. Miss Caroline was telling me that I had gotten a fax that looked really important from Mike McQuiston. She gave me his phone number and then we chatted for a few moments.

It brought back such wonderful memories of friends... working conditions were horrible, but friends were wonderful!

Anyway, I dialed up Mike and we set a date to talk tonight. It is absolutely marvelous to catch up with the goings on of old friends. It is amazing how you can go separate ways and then settle back into a friendship that has such comfortable grooves... I said, grooves, not ruts.

We'll be keeping in touch. He has a grandchild... I am so jealous. Maybe one day, God willing, I'll have a grandchild to brag about. Wouldn't that be nice. AMEN.
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