Delightful Picayune

I just took a tour this afternoon of my hometown.

We are a Certified Retirement Comunity and that is a big deal. Carol Fitzwilliam took us around Picayune and we met some wonderful people, we went to some great places, and I just can't understand why anyone would want to live somewhere else.

My daughter says she hates Mississippi.. I haven't a clue why. It's a gorgeous state. It's recovering quite nicely from Katrina. All is not perfect, but it is coming back, unlike Louisiana which is such a sad situation, especially New Orleans.

There have been 90 murders in New Orleanse in six months. Ninety... nine, zero, murders. I cannnot fathom that. There are few people there than before Katrina and there are three times as many murders in six months as in a year before Katrina. I can hardly wrap my brain around it.

Thank you, God for my home town. It is thriving and it is lovely and it is historic and the people are wonderful. That is a great combination.
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