I will bring the Victory

Digging around in my desk, looking for some paper or something, I found a copy of something else that has the number 46 at the bottom of it. Someone told me it is from Frances J. Roberts. Her devotion book Come Away My Beloved has been updated many times from 1960 to 2002 . I truly needed to read this again today. It is an amazing piece of prose.

Oh my child, have I ever failed thee? Have I ever turned my back on thee? 

Is the way it starts out. God has never, ever failed me, or forsaken me and has never turned His back on me. That is something that I cannot say about any one human being. At some point in time every friend or person that I have trusted has let me down in some way. And that is the best blessing I could ever have because in recognizing human frailties, I have always leaned most heavily on God. I am a needy person and I can never be too needy for God to deal with. He is always there, always. He's healed me, He's tucked me in His arms and carried me. He's corrected my gaffs and worked on my flaws without complaining. I know, when He is around, His Spirit takes over. Beth Moore has often said, "He hasn't come to take sides, He's come to take over!" I agree.

He says, ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened to you. What a wonderful gift that is to His children. How can we not be so bowed down with awe and worship and leaping with estatic joy? I look out my window this morning at a fantasy world. Fog in the air and close to the ground, sun rays gleaming above house and tree tops. Mourning doves softly cooing to each other.
Arresting! How can anyone experience such beauty and not bow to the majesty of God?

The precious piece ends with:
Ask for the victory. I will come and bring it. Don't look for the victory--look for Me, and ye shall see the victory that I shall bring with me. After I have come, ye shall behold the miracles that I will do.

I just love that! Look for Me and then you will see the victory. In all things lean upon Him and not our own understanding. Look for Him and He will let us find Him. Look for Him because He brings victory!

I leap with ecstatic joy when I am settled into His will and His great provision.
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