Obama writing laws... still

I watch Fox News and there's a fellow that wanders around New York streets asking questions of folks on the street. I think his name is Watters. It is heart breaking how people have no clue what is going on in our government, and what government officials are up to. I wrote an article last year about the Executive and Judicial branches making laws  and long before that an article in 2009 about Obama's first 9 months in office.

Adding to a law that congress had already passed is bad enough, but circumventing laws through government offices such as Obama using the IRS against TEA Party organizations, and now this:

You may recall the disgraceful scene when President Obama openly chastised Supreme Court Justices in his State of the Union address a few months after the Court’s decision was announced.  It was truly one of the low points in a presidency which has many other disgraceful events contributing to an increasingly sad legacy.   

Now, taking matters into his own hands, Barack Obama has directed his henchmen at the IRS to reinstate similar rules against 501(c)(4) organizations – taking those rules even further than the ones struck down by the Court in Citizens United

The proposed new rules not only outline select words that cannot be used by our organization and other similar groups, it greatly expands the list of who is included as being untouchable “candidates.”

In the proposed regulations, a “candidate” is defined as “an individual who identifies himself or is proposed by another for selection, nomination, election, or appointment to any public office or office in a political organization, or to be a Presidential or Vice-Presidential elector, whether or not the individual is ultimately selected, nominated, elected, or appointed.”

In other words, ANY “candidate” for office is excluded from comment on the part of 501 (c)(4) groups, from local sheriffs to president of the country. The rule also prohibits our ability to “call out” presidential nominees or anyone seeking federal agency or military appointments. 

The new regulations are a further slap in the face to the Supreme Court ruling! They are an assault on our First Amendment rights! And they are an overt, reprehensible abuse of power! 

I think the problems are only now beginning. I remember Revelation says somewhere that Satan realizes his time is short and he's spitting mad to do as much harm as he can before being sealed in the pit for 1,000 years. I think Obama sees his time is short and he's anxious to do as much as possible to lay a foundation for a frightening agenda before someone else takes office. We Christians had better pray very hard that sanity comes back to our government officials or we may be speaking Chinese as our state language... 

Engraved in His palm,

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