Is Evangelism going out of style? New Barna study

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Why do you think evangelicals have a problem with follow-through from conviction to actually sharing Jesus with someone? I'm not talking about in-your-face kind of street shouting/preaching. I'm talking about between friends sharing a trial or troubling event.

I think more Christians share their faith in the way they live, and act, and pray, and talk. It is not about a 5-point, Roman Road, or even outright asking the question, "Do you know Jesus?" It is about being in the right place at the right time saying the exact words that God puts in your mouth to the person God has put in your path. Those times, we rarely remember because it is so controlled by God, and not contrived by human invention.

So is this survey literally correct, or are there certain aspects that have not been captured by an abrupt phone call and participating in an off-the-cuff interview? Something to ponder, for sure. Maybe I'm totally wrong.
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