Obama's moratorium & Obamacare bad economic decisions

Back in June of 2011 I wrote the post below. Sadly, nothing has changed since then.

Here's the kicker--In 1941-1944 the Federal Government moved thousands of troops across wide expanses of water from three coasts to defeat an evil that threatened economic and social collapse.  It fed the troops, fueled the ships and planes, made tactical moves to thwart war time threats against America, dealt with spies, codes, and innumerable colossal, global threats. Then brought home its heroes, buried the heroic dead, and moved the nation into an economic boom. Why can't the feds build one little website that is safe and secure from all alarm?

According to a report done by an independent firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the moratorium Pres. Obama instigated against the oil and gas industry's drilling cost the taxpayers of this country $1.3 trillion. In 2010 that was our national debt deficit. Perhaps that figure was tossed around back when the Gulf oil spill happened, but I don't remember it because we were all so worried about oil-encrusted pelicans and wetlands of Louisiana since that seemed to be the only pictures we saw coming from the news media--and, of course the decimated fishing/shrimping industry.

It was a knee-jerk reaction designed to calm the Green voices screaming to save our environment. Those voices didn't shout very loud in the faces of the starving families of south Louisiana and in Texas which has more than 1.7 million people employed in the industry which actually has 7.5% total employment and economic impact.

(Can anyone actually fathom how much $1 trillion actually is? In perspective, We have 86,000 seconds in one 24 hour period. One billion seconds is 33.5 years. It takes 1,000 billions to equal one trillion, then one trillion seconds would be 33,500 years.)

Now the Obamacare catastrophe is the creeping cancer which is eating up jobs and any economic growth. Tenn. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) said recently that he met with CEOs of restaurant chains (which btw are the largest employers besides the government -- both are paid servants!). The tidings are extremely grim.

Obamacare regulations have eaten away profits -- which is why business people are in business, and have made many stores reduce employees drastically. Not to mention the 3500 pages written after the thing was voted into law. We're going to need to hire governing group to make sure companies are complying with all the 3500 pages of regs plus the 2500 pages of law; hire more judges to interpret the law and those will need to be physicians/nurse practitioners so they will understand the medical terminology and not be hoodwinked by savvy attorneys. We'll need to hire savvy attorneys with expertise in medical law so everyone from medicaid, medicare, and general populations will have their rights guarded and not snatched away by the government.

Oh, wait! We've already got our rights snatched away. In fact, the Christian Science religion has a fight on their hands now because medical care is against their beliefs so what happens now that they are compelled to buy insurance for care they don't believe in?

What's more, hospitals are full of doctors who don't know the difference between a sore throat and a  peptic lesion. They have to run tests to see. I have this on good authority from my daughter who works in a hospital.

So now the government tells us whether or not we can take Avastin for metastasized breast cancer; how to run the emergency room; which doctor you'll see about your sore throat; when you get your flu shot; and how often you can go to the doctor. The government hasn't yet decided on how to treat your bone cancer; and I'm still standing in line for my allergies. As soon as a government office opens to decide on whether eye surgery is a wellness procedure or a preventive procedure I'll get back to you.
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