Another knee-jerk reaction to truth about homosexualism

Yes, everyone is talking about it. A&E kicked Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Commander, off the TV show Duck Dynasty. This is the same type of reaction that PBS did with Juan Williams when he voice concern over Arab-dressed men in an airport terminal. Why is it that everyone who is pro-homosexual lifestyle, and anti-Christian can voice any opinion they care to spout, but if someone who is actually speaking Truth, nostrils flare and necks go stiff in indignation.

If you think about it, before 1970 the homosexual was regarded as a pervert and was stigmatized if the closet door was opened. AIDS opened the door to sympathy for homosexuals, and suddenly the homosexual activists realized how powerful pop culture could be for their cause. That's when Hollywood was seduced into thinking that homosexuality is "normal" and made to believe there are far more gay/lesbians in America than actually are. The 2010 census tells us that barely .3% of the population actually admit to living the lifestyle.

However, in the past 3 decades, the number of people in the US that have changed their opinion of the gay lifestyle has increased exponentially as the number of gay/lesbian characters featured in TV shows has increased. They have been portrayed as high-class urbanites with great senses of humor, and with characterizations oozing with likability.

This is the way Satan works. It is truly a Spiritual War we are fighting. Just as Jesus said, "The world will hate you just as it hates Me." The attacks are not against Phil for speaking the Truth of the Bible, it is against Jesus. 

Billy Stevens offers 7 ways you can help Phil Robertson. But they are strictly for Christians.
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