I baptized my phone

You know you rock along really well for a long time not doing anything stupid. You don't get all puffed up about it, but you feel really responsible because you haven't locked your keys in the car in years, you haven't locked yourself out of the house in months, and you haven't spilled your dinner on your shirt in days.

Then you do something really stupid like wash your cell phone... in the washing machine... with bleach.

I never took out the insurance on my phone because I've had one for years and years and I've never dropped it in the sink, or on concrete, or in the bathtub. I've used it every day and have phone number in it to reach just about anyone I know. While it isn't like losing my day book, it was crushing to think I'd lost phone numbers to friends in Newellton (whom I haven't called in several years, but it's the connection you see, not actually holding conversations).

Then I found out it would cost $200 or more for a new phone, and I couldn't use my perfectly good phone from Alltel because Verizon doesn't have those calling plans anymore.

When you don't have the $200, it is a very good time to pray, so we did. That was day before yesterday. I put the thing in a cup of rice (recommended by a customer in the store), and prayed some more.

This morning I called my daughter on that phone and my future son-in-law named my post -- only he said I'd baptized my phone in bleach. This is definitely a God-Thing. Let it be known that when you pray, all things are possible with God in control.
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