WHO says cell phones can cause cancer. Really?

A week long conference by International Agency for Research on Cancer regurgitated an opinion that cell phones and electromagnetic fields can cause glioblastoma... I wonder if that actually meant GLIB-O-Blast.

Thirty-one scientists decided there is enough evidence (while it isn't really much at all) to raise it to group 2B (one notch above the not classifiable because of non-evidence).

What they are actually saying is there could be some risk and we must keep an eye on the accumulating evidence. The difference is like inhaling benzine daily or living five miles from a plant that makes benzine. The first will probably cause cancer while there isn't enough evidence to indicate that living within spitting distance of a plant that makes the stuff would make you pregnant. (I'm not saying scientifically it can, but when Exxon had a benzine spill in Baton Rouge, 9 months later there was a population explosion of brand new babies born to chemical plant workers).

If there could just be some responsibility about these press releases concerning cancer causing substances and/or actions I believe many more people would pay attention. I'm beginning to require more evidence than just a scientist saying something. I want stats, and empirical data. It has reached the point of ridiculous science. If you don't like the results of a study, then wait two minutes... another one will be out and this one will bite the dust.
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