What else?

I have learned never, ever to ask "What else can go wrong?" Because something always does go wrong. I've been gathering stuff together to go back to school to get my Master's. Since I cannot find a job around here, and there is absolutely no way we can move (Mom's blindness, you see). Therefore, it seems necessary for me to get my Master's in Education so I can go teach online at a reputable college. (I was recruited by a college to teach, but after checking them out, it wasn't an accredited college, so I declined.)

Great. As long as I can get all my ducks in a row.

Today, I found out that my diploma is definitely lost somewhere between Louisiana and Mississippi. I have opened every box in the store room and under my bed and in the office with no diploma. Ordered one today from Midwestern State University.

In so doing, I had to make a copy of my driver's license. No problem... except I am 13 days late in getting my license renewed. I thought I had until 2012... Nope. So, now I must do that before I can order another diploma. Neither do I have my transcripts. Evidently, when I was searching colleges last summer, I sent them all out without saving a good copy. Sigh.

My home office looks like a tornado has hit it. I found some silverware in a box that we had been looking for a long time. I found Mom's summer clothes box which we didn't find last summer -- she has a new wardrobe for this summer. I found some picture albums I thought were lost. I found some craft things, and a smiley mug I thought had been broken. You would think after all that getting found, I'd be ecstatic. But, I never found what I needed to find.

Sometimes when we search for things we think we need, we discover other things that are just as crucially important (read updated driver's license). Sometimes we discover we could have saved a lot of space over the years by tossing the old things we were saving for only granny knows what.

Perhaps I'm a hoarder in disguise... I know I need to toss some stuff, but what if I need it some day? I'm am definitely my dad's daughter because that is how his thought process went. It just shows that when you grow up with someone who went through the Great Depression, frugal habits die hard.
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