Kermit Gosnell number 2 -- abortionist Douglas Karpen

Just when I thought the horror was stopped with Gosnell's conviction, another horror story opens up. This guy's name is Douglas Karpen. His clinic in Texas was exposed by three whistle blowers, Deborah Edge, Gigi Aguliar, and Krystal Rodriguez. The stories they are telling are even more horrific with the born-alive babies heads being twisted off or gouged if the spinal cords were not snipped.

This seems like the so-called doctor enjoyed inflicting the cruel treatment to these innocent babies. It makes my stomach roil.

One of the informats, Deborah Edge, said that she wasn't aware that what Karpen was doing was illegal. I find this incredible. Here is someone watching a baby being born alive, spasming in excruciating pain, and not realizing it was illegal. She said,

“When he did an abortion, especially an over 20 week abortion, most of the time the fetus would come completely out before he cut the spinal cord or he introduced one of the instruments into the soft spot of the fetus, in order to kill the fetus,” said Deborah Edge, who worked as a surgical assistant for Karpen for about 15 years until leaving in March, 2011.
 You can read more about it here. But, I strongly caution you that the photos of the aborted babies are horrific and not for the fainthearted. I cannot imagine what these babies have suffered.

I have been praying that the truth would come out about these abortions. I have been praying that God would show those who think abortion is "okay" what it truly is: Murder. Perhaps these babies have not died in vain.

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