Journalist investigated for doing his job--another Obama scandal

Fox News journalist James Rosen's phone records and personal emails were subpenaed under the pretense that Rosen was conducting a conspiracy instead of just doing his job, which is seeking information from a government official about what was going on in North Korea. Is this just another prong in a power-drunk government fork? This stems from a 2009 story that Rosen did concerning nuclear testing that North Korea conducted.

There are six security leak investigations ongoing in the Obama administration currently. Since 1917 there have been only three. I wonder how much of this is power-hunger, and how much is actually honest seeking out who is leaking what about government secrets. To me the most outrageous part is that Obama outted Seal Team 6, effectively putting a neon target on their backs and the foreheads of their friends and families. For someone (Obama) who has given tremendous evidence of a micro-manager to say, "I didn't know about it," is tantamount to saying "the American public is stupid and I can tell them what I want because I am president, the most powerful man in the world."

It seems to me that the current administration is chipping away at each freedom, kicking the legs of the Bills of Rights, and chopping up our Constitution. If Obamacare is implemented, and the thousands of new IRS agents are hired to police it, the government will be bigger and heavier than ever before. That means the head of the government will be to heavy to support, in my opinion.

I am praying that the whole truth comes into the light. Jesus said that nothing happens in secret that will not be brought into the light. Let us pray for truth to be brought into the light.
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