The pornography trap

I just received a request from my friend Carol Doyle to recommend an article in her online magazine Living Better at 50. The article is about the book 50 shades of grey. It is an excellent article and focuses on why Christians should not read this book or go see erotica movies. I want to say, "Well, Duh!" 
Then I thought about all those trashy romance novels when I was younger. I had a death grip on them and it took a long time for me to cut loose from their throat-clutch grip. What compelled me to read that garbage? It was just fiction... I deserved a break from the routine... And numerous other lies I told myself. I honestly did not think I was hurting anyone by filling my brain with garbage.

Kathy Howard makes a great point in her article. These stories mock God and conjure up images that are offensive to Him. What place does that leave for Jesus in our minds? Very little. Once we open that door, Satan puts a wedge there so he can push it open wider, and that leads to desensitization of our conscience. What's the harm in that? We never realize how potent that drug is until we try to kick a habit we do not believe is a habit.

A friend of mine wrote on breaking a sinful habit. It is well worth the read, and if you don't have time to read it today, copy/paste it and read it when you do have time.

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