Interpol hunting convert to Christianity

There are reports that a young woman converted to Christianity and escaped her Saudi home running to Sweden. There are so many thing about this that make me want to cry. First, who led her to Christ? There had to be someone who gave her a Bible, or who told her about Jesus. Then why did she choose to run away?

I think the horror that Christians face within the Muslim religion is so deeply depraved that we Westerners have no conception of its depth. What is so achingly sad is that Satan has corrupted the message that Mohammad wanted his followers to understand. It is not a peaceful religion.

On 2 September the Saudi Gazette reported that ‘Interpol is co-ordinating with the Saudi Embassy in Stockholm and Swedish authorities to return the girl to her homeland before her “kidnappers” move her to another country.’ The embassy reportedly has started a search for the woman, with the aid of Swedish authorities.
Here we Christians sit, twiddling our thumbs thinking "Oh, God, use me. I'll just sit here and wait for you to use me."

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