Life is speeding along

I have been so busy these past weeks, I've forgotten to breathe.

Yesterday, I met with our county supervisors and asked for some funding for CASA. We got the funding and they are going to provide office space for us. I find that so wonderful, I can hardly sit still.

One of our board members resigned recently citing the reason that we are not walking with God on this project. Every day I God provides huge amounts of evidence that He is so into this project to protect the children of our county.

God says that it is an abomination to shed innocent blood. Abortion comes to mind, and yet what about those defenseless children who are victims of abuse and neglect everyday? I am reminded of Isaiah 58 whenever I think about the work that we are doing in Pearl River County. To lift the burdens of the oppressed, and to unlock the fetters of those who are unjustly imprisoned. It is a huge responsibility and I am greatly humbled when ever God leans over and tips the scales in our favor providing yet another miracle in proof of His work here.

I am off now to talk to the dept of human services. I am told that they do not want CASA in PRC. We'll see. I have bathed this in prayer and expect God to have walked the path trampling down all the weeds and stumbling blocks between our organizations because they will certainly work so well together.
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