The Eyes have it

It is amazing what moder medicine is capable of these days.

I took Mom to the Southern Eye Clinic in Hattiesburg yesterday so she could get her macular degeneration checked and then get her cataract surgery. We were sitting there almost all day, except for lunch and a quick shopping trip--Me to get windshield wipers (which we used on the way home) and Mom found something nice for my sister's birthday.

I watched the whole surgery which took about 8 minutes. Dr. Kiper Nelson sang and hummed "There is a Fountain" all the while he made a tiny incision right along the iris edge, loosened the old cataract lens sucked that out with a tiny vaccum cleaner and slipped a brand new corrective lens in.

She woke up this morning feeling great and she could see the back yard, see colors... in fact, she is amazed at how well she can see now. I stand amazed as well.

At her check up this morning, the doctor had her look through some prescription lenses to see how well she could see. She can see better without the perscriptions! That means Dr. Nelson did a perfect job with her new lens.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. He is mighty in His gifts to His children. AMEN. Thank you, Lord.
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