Steadfast Under Trials

Steadfast Under Trials

There comes a time when a Christian must completely disregard what others might think and just spit out what God is calling her to share. Today is that day. After this series, you may think I’m the worst Christian to ever walk the face of the earth, or you may think I’m some martyr. Neither of those things are true. I am simply a Christian who has walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and I feared great evil for a time, but God was with me and He pulled me through those valleys, for there were many of them.
Today is the day for wisdom to triumph and pride to be killed.

There are some myths -- let’s call them what they really are – Satan’s lies that abound in our society. Lies that young women fall prey to because of the so-called love stories that are poured out of Hollywood and the trashy romance novels that have flooded the bookstores, which bend and twist godly, romantic love into a farce.

We’re talking about True Love and how we find it, dispelling the lies of Satan. We’re talking from a Christian view and not a world view. Who can know the mind of God besides the Holy Spirit Who is part of God? In order to be within the will of God, we must be able to hear that still, small voice that Isaiah heard in the cave. We must be still and know that He is God. If we marry outside the will of God, then we must expect heartache. If we truly desire to please God, then we must wait on Him. This opens the door to the questions, “Does God just have one and only one person for us to love? Does God create soul mates for each of His children?”

I think the answer to those questions is the way of a man and a woman falling in love is mysterious (Proverbs 30:19). I strongly believe that God has one and only one person for His children to love at one time. Widows under that age of 60 years are commended to remarry by Paul so they won’t become busybodies. Therefore, at different times in the Lord, He gives us another to Love which is in His will.
Because Love is a choice, God will not coerce anyone into a relationship. I did not listen when God caused warning bells to clang. There were all kinds of signs that I chose not to see. Neither did I stick by a list of qualities that must be present in a man who would make an excellent husband… the first being, love of God above all else. I called myself mature in the Lord. How sad it is that pride can overshadow good sense.
Solomon spoke great truths. Of all his proverbs for his son, pride goeth before destruction (Pro 16:18). Pride and a sensual nature are cataclysmic when combined in a young woman. Add to that an immaturity in the Lord and it spells disaster when choosing a marriage partner. This is why we cannot depend upon our feelings when making this life decision.

Feelings are fleeting and emotions are momentary.

Do not misunderstand me. Feelings and emotions play a great role, but not the only role in choosing a life mate. But, try telling that to a nineteen year old girl who is in the first flush of love. All those hormones rushing and the sheer giddiness of mutual attraction make a powerful combination that reason can rarely combat. This is why we must make certain decisions before we get to the match point, then we must become fused to those decisions. Do not make the same mistakes I made. Learn from my mistakes; become wise before your years and gray hair.
Satan is masterful in braiding lies with just enough truth to disguise them as lies. He is also master at playing to our weaknesses, our flesh desires, and our longings. Young girls have great longings. Old women also have great longings. My discussion is not geared to just young women. I pray to make an impact on anyone who picks up this discussion. An impact toward a godly viewpoint on love, marriage and singleness.

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