wash the face

I was washing my face with Ivory soap and that smell sometimes makes me recall a commercial. Maybe you remember it?

This young man and young woman are walking along in the spring time. It just looks like a fresh day. The young man begins talking about how sweet his wife is, hugs her close and continues walking and talking about her. Her freshness, no make up and she washes her face with Ivory soap.

Why would anyone remember that commercial? That was 35 years ago. This young woman would be a grandmother by now. I wonder if she ever said anything in those 35 years, or did she just smile that Mona Lisa smile and say nothing of consequence.

That is so unlike me! I have an opinion about everything and some are good and some need tweaking. I would not like for someone to tell me what to wash my face with unless he is a dermatologist and helping me with a skin problem. On the other hand, I think it quite nice that a husband would care enough to take an interest in how his wife achieves the look that pleases him.

That's when I got to thinking about how much I depend on God to tell me what to do and when to do it. "Lord, what would you have me write on my blog tonight?" "Lord, what would You have me wear today?" "Lord, please take care of my children, guide them and direct them." Do you think that God cares what we do to please Him? Yes. He does. He shows that by caring for us in ways that we can't fathom the depth and breadth of, and that is the sweetest news. Amen?

Psa 55:22 Put your cares on the Lord, and he will be your support; he will not let the upright man be moved.
Phi 4:6 Have no cares; but in everything with prayer and praise put your requests before God.
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