I am old

I might as well face it. I am old.
Someone caught me today playing around with my picture erasing my wrinkles. I know she saw me because she told me that one of the computer guys "fixed" up the ad girls by removing wrinkles. One of them looked like she was a pasty ghost so she put her wrinkles back on, flipped her hair and told them to let it fly (her picture in the paper, that is.)

In the newspaper business, you are not supposed to fool around with photos, you know. But, I figured if we get rid of that little wrinkle there, it wouldn't look like fly away hair around my mouth... then I needed to take care of that wrinkle there, and then the ones around my eyes because the rest of me looked so young and my eyes looked so old.


I might as well age gracefully.

Brigitte Bardot said, "It is sad to grow old, but it is great to ripen."

So, there.

I'm ripening.

I'm not ripe, yet.

God is the gardener after all and when I get ripe, He'll pick me. That's the way it goes, right?

So... I have my bathroom settled. We've been here for a month today and all I have settled is my bathroom. How much is there to fixing up your bathroom? Guys would say, "Not much!"

They'd be right because all they need is a bar of soap, a towel, a razor and hopefully, deoderant.

I don't. I've got all that plus a bunch more stuff like three kinds of skin lotion, two types of face lotion -- got to at least try to soften those wrinkles. Make up and all those empty face powder compacts. What do you do with those anyway? I've used about 20 or so since my divorce and I've got every one of them. Empty except for a mirror. What do you do with them? They are too good to throw away. hmmmm

Well, anyhoot, my bathroom is just peachy. So, now I must really try and focus on my bedroom. It's almost done except for curtains and perhaps a border. My sister was right, the thing is a blank palatte. It will be interesting to see what pops up in there next. No... I'm not going to take a picture of it.

I think I'll go to bed and get some sleep wrinkles to go with the crow's feet -- oh, wait, women have laugh lines, and I'll ripen another night.
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